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Character Information
Name: Seroxis
Sex: male
Marital status: single
Profession: Elite Knight
Level: 20
Magic Level: 3
Frags: 0
Residence: Thais
Last login: Feb 16 2018, 19:45:21 CEST
Created: Jul 23 2017, 05:08:54 CEST
Account Status: Premium Account

fist fighting 10
club fighting 98
sword fighting 10
axe fighting 10
distance fighting 10
shielding 93
fishing 10
The Pits Of Inferno
Ape City
Wrath of the Emperor
The New Frontier
Children of the Revolution
The Thieves Guild Quest
Arena Warlord
Arena Scrapper
Arena Greenhorn
The Demon Oak
The Postman Quest

Character Deaths
24 Nov 2017, 02:42 Died at level 351 by , by and by .
23 Aug 2017, 13:15 Died at level 296 by a undead dragon.
22 Aug 2017, 04:34 Died at level 284 by a juggernaut, by a demon and by a plaguesmith.
15 Aug 2017, 20:33 Died at level 257 by an eye of the seven and by ushuriel.
13 Aug 2017, 03:11 Died at level 252 by an eye of the seven, by ushuriel, by a priestess, by a juggernaut, by a hellfire fighter, by a behemoth, by a fire devil, by a massive fire elemental, by a hero, by a fire elemental, by a gargoyle, by a hunter and by a dark apprentice.
12 Aug 2017, 21:25 Died at level 253 by a undead dragon and by a demon.
11 Aug 2017, 06:35 Died at level 220 by a grim reaper.
11 Aug 2017, 06:01 Died at level 221 by a grim reaper.
9 Aug 2017, 00:53 Died at level 112 by a hand of cursed fate, by a hellfire fighter, by a betrayed wraith, by a phantasm, by a blightwalker, by a phantasm, by a nightmare, by a phantasm, by a plaguesmith and by a flamethrower.
8 Aug 2017, 23:43 Died at level 110 by , by , by and by .
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Account Information
Created: 23 July 2017, 5:08 am

Name Level Status  
1. Chepita 92 Druid
2. Seroxis 20 Knight

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