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Character Information
Name: Se Levi
Sex: male
Marital status: single
Profession: Royal Paladin
Level: 201
Magic Level: 32
Frags: 278
Residence: Thais
Guild membership: Member of the Los Faes
Last login: Feb 15 2018, 18:49:45 CEST
Created: Jul 03 2017, 12:02:19 CEST
Account Status: Premium Account

fist fighting 30
club fighting 10
sword fighting 10
axe fighting 10
distance fighting 143
shielding 111
fishing 10
The Pits Of Inferno
Ape City
Wrath of the Emperor
The New Frontier
Children of the Revolution
The Thieves Guild Quest
Arena Warlord
Arena Scrapper
Arena Greenhorn
The Demon Oak
The Postman Quest

Character Deaths
10 Feb 2018, 21:13 Killed at level 201 by Megaman, by Trixtrax, by Mextiler, by Zowix, by Congratulations and by Jess.
10 Feb 2018, 21:07 Killed at level 201 by Jess, by Trixtrax, by Zowix, by Megaman, by Congratulations and by Mextiler.
24 Jan 2018, 16:32 Killed at level 198 by Dr Black, by Mateuzs Dragon Wielki, by Weroparamax, by Newtwo and by Clow.
17 Jan 2018, 18:59 Killed at level 199 by Phantom Limb, by Dr Black, by Taki, by Mateuzs Dragon Wielki, by Forvis, by Dasher Strike, by Professeur Ping and by Spotify.
14 Jan 2018, 11:59 Died at level 198 by a medusa and by a bonebeast.
13 Jan 2018, 20:50 Killed at level 194 by Daredevil, by Coky, by Vst, by Maga Obscura, by Nemesis, by Rhagne, by Hidden, by Ori-kario and by Druid Mataputos.
13 Jan 2018, 20:29 Killed at level 194 by Druid Mataputos, by Hidden, by Vst, by Daredevil, by Arquera, by Marusita, by Nemesis, by Rhagne, by Coky, by Maga Obscura, by La Bing, by Ori-kario and by Esoj Leunam.
5 Jan 2018, 12:41 Killed at level 189 by Nemesis, by Trixtrax, by Crazy Time, by El Zyzz, by Escherichia, by Fantasma, by White Tiger, by El Mejor and by Staphylococcus.
30 Dec 2017, 09:39 Killed at level 188 by Marusita, by Punisher, by Coky, by Druid Mataputos and by Maga Obscura.
29 Dec 2017, 12:00 Killed at level 183 by Boker Loko, by Bobita, by Lord Master Loko, by Un Poni Rosado, by Arquera, by Master Loko, by Iyj and by Trixtrax.
10 Feb 2018, 13:40 Fragged Trixtrax at level 184(Justified)
9 Feb 2018, 21:09 Fragged Staphylococcus at level 130(Justified)
9 Feb 2018, 21:09 Fragged Trixtrax at level 184(Justified)
5 Feb 2018, 18:27 Fragged Tezuka at level 207(Justified)
5 Feb 2018, 18:27 Fragged Crack For at level 164(Justified)
5 Feb 2018, 18:26 Fragged Nike Max at level 192(Justified)
31 Jan 2018, 12:00 Fragged Huicho at level 208(Justified)
31 Jan 2018, 12:00 Fragged Professeur Ping at level 198(Justified)
31 Jan 2018, 11:55 Fragged Castrosin at level 180(Justified)
24 Jan 2018, 16:46 Fragged Clow at level 189(Justified)

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Account Information
Created: 3 July 2017, 11:59 am

Name Level Status  
1. Pali Levi 20 Paladin
2. Se Levi 201 Paladin

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