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SnowBall WAR

Your players will have fun in an exciting snowball war game. The main objective of the event is to bring down the maximum number of players during a match - throwing snowballs at their enemies. The top score points at the end of the round will be the winner. See in the image to the side the teleport will be opened in the temple of Thais to enter the event.
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The event will run every day of the week as 16:00 hours.
There will only be one winner, the prize is:
Reward:1 - 25 Golden Nuggets and 70 Crystal Coins

# Description
Atirar Command "!snowball atirar", Throw 1 snowball at your opponent.
Info. In-game Command "!snowball info", shows the amount of snowballs you have and your amount of points. Also shows the current ranking of the event.
Recharge Head to the center of the event map and reload by clicking on the generator.

Gold Nuggets & NPC Events
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Gold Nuggets
See how you can use the currency Gold Nuggets.
Monster of the Week Monster Pedestal and Players Online Box

Players Online