Lottery - EuroTibia
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Ultimos 30 players en ganar lotteria en EuroTibia

Nombre del player Nombre del Item
1 Arthur Dayne boots of haste
2 Black Mage boots of haste
3 Xenna zaoan legs
4 Sherk zaoan legs
5 Black Mage demon shield
6 Nenia demon shield
7 Elderdazus zaoan legs
8 Young Abu Dhabi bone club
9 Young Abu Dhabi crystal coin
10 Young Abu Dhabi boots of haste
11 Froster demon shield
12 Demon Of Hell zaoan legs
13 Howard Hill boots of haste
14 Robinson boots of haste
15 Gandalfh zaoan legs
16 El Chilli demon shield
17 Freshto bone club
18 Froster boots of haste
19 Froster demon shield
20 Rumbaleachin bone club
21 Chuy boots of haste
22 Gasatuma demon shield
23 Nympers boots of haste
24 Rumbaleachin bone club
25 Zeawolf demon shield
26 Nympers zaoan legs
27 Mago Man bone club
28 Young Abu Dhabi zaoan legs
29 Rumbaleachin demon shield
30 Gasatuma bone club
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