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Server Rules
by Root
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Server Rules


  1. Do not comment about resets much less stating that it will reset.
  2. Not blocking trap hunt, preventing access from players to cellars, generates banishment.
  3. Do not block access to Quest's or disrupt Quest by causing damage to the team, it generates banishment.
  4. Do not offend tutors on the HELP channel, generates banishment for offences
  5. Do not PK in Thais by killing lower level.
  6. Do not generate fraudulent offers on the Auction system.
  7. Ads from other servers are prohibited.
  8. MC is fully allowed on the server.
  9. Scam the server by making chargeBacks on PayPal
  10. Sell items for real money

About Donations:

  • All players are fully responsible for their items, administration is not responsible for loss or theft of items.
  • The points are valid for 6 months counting from the day they were acquired.
  • The server does not return donation values.
24.01.18 16:56:39

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