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Character Information
Name: Drowning
Sex: male
Marital status: single
Profession: Elder Druid
Level: 249
Magic Level: 121
Frags: 1525
Residence: Thais
Guild membership: Commander of the Black Dragons
Last login: Apr 03 2018, 14:31:29 CEST
Created: Dec 07 2015, 15:01:28 CEST
Comment: No one can beat me.._(シ)_/
/> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SpDNytX1tic
Account Status: Premium Account

fist fighting 23
club fighting 10
sword fighting 21
axe fighting 11
distance fighting 26
shielding 34
fishing 10
The Pits Of Inferno
Ape City
Wrath of the Emperor
The New Frontier
Children of the Revolution
The Thieves Guild Quest
Arena Warlord
Arena Scrapper
Arena Greenhorn
The Demon Oak
The Postman Quest

Character Deaths
1 Feb 2018, 00:01 Killed at level 249 by Crazy Time, by Lord Arieswar, by Nike, by Jess, by Migatte No Gokui, by Maga Obscura, by Leo Ballard and by Trixtrax.
29 Jan 2018, 23:53 Killed at level 246 by Vst, by Nemesis, by Nike, by Spider Woman, by Lokyy, by Hidden, by Chartlover, by Daredevil, by Migatte No Gokui, by Crazy Time, by Maga Obscura, by Headshoot, by Supercalifragilistico Espiral, by Send Nudes, by Rashid, by The World Is Small and by Jordan.
29 Jan 2018, 23:30 Killed at level 246 by Fushon, by Spider Woman, by Hidden, by Crazy Time, by Nike, by Chartlover, by Vengador Fantasma, by Lokyy, by Daredevil, by Skrillex King and by Vst.
29 Jan 2018, 22:21 Killed at level 247 by Chartlover, by a dragon lord, by Nike, by Vengador Fantasma, by Jordan and by Crazy Time.
29 Jan 2018, 20:24 Killed at level 247 by Dr Black, by Dasher Strike, by Mateuzs Dragon Wielki, by Huicho and by Professeur Ping.
28 Jan 2018, 20:04 Died at level 246 by demodras.
26 Jan 2018, 14:08 Killed at level 246 by Rhagne, by Psy Trance, by Rashid, by Fercho Conan, by Maga Obscura, by Migatte No Gokui, by Nemesis, by Drowning and by Castrosin.
25 Jan 2018, 22:25 Died at level 246 by a dragon lord.
25 Jan 2018, 09:01 Died at level 247 by a dragon lord.
25 Jan 2018, 01:27 Killed at level 245 by Spider Woman, by Snuffy The Lord'cocaine, by Tenacius, by Nike and by El Zyzz.
1 Feb 2018, 01:09 Fragged Mextiler at level 202(Justified)
1 Feb 2018, 01:08 Fragged Super Girl at level 153(Justified)
1 Feb 2018, 01:03 Fragged The World Is Small at level 215(Justified)
1 Feb 2018, 00:41 Fragged Trixtrax at level 174(Unjustified)
1 Feb 2018, 00:32 Fragged Cria Wh at level 248(Justified)
1 Feb 2018, 00:32 Fragged Chac Bolay at level 146(Unjustified)
1 Feb 2018, 00:30 Fragged Cria Wh at level 249(Justified)
1 Feb 2018, 00:28 Fragged Obelisko at level 144(Justified)
1 Feb 2018, 00:26 Fragged Obelisko at level 145(Unjustified)
1 Feb 2018, 00:25 Fragged Chac Bolay at level 147(Unjustified)

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